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Submitted on
May 30, 2009
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42.5 MB


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Silent Night for iTunes 8.2.1 by DaHLiA-7 Silent Night for iTunes 8.2.1 by DaHLiA-7
Silent Night for iTunes 8.2.1

※ System Requirements

- Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, G4 processor
- Mac OS X version 10.4.10 or later
- iTunes 8.2.1(6)

※ Package included

- Silent Night for iTunes 8.2.1 pkg (22.3 MB)
- Uninstaller.pkg (21.5 MB)
- Extras (iTunes Hex values - Intel/PowerPC)

※ Special thanks to

:iconstefanka: :iconrhyguy: :iconu2bonokim: :icondelta909:


* (2009/06/06) Updated iTunes 8.2
* (2009/06/13) All languages / Magnifique Plugin
* (2009/06/17) Modified iTunes Hex values (PowerPC)
* (2009/07/22)
- Updated iTunes 8.2.1
- Inactive State
- Traffic light buttons
* (2009/11/13) Installer packages
* (2009/12/03) added uninstaller.pkg (21.5 MB)


* Silent Night for Visual Styles by Edl21 [link]
* Silent Night for WindowBlinds by nardoxic [link]
* SilentVLC by d1ckies [link]

* Silent Night Bowtie by neodesktop [link]
* SilentSlim by rhyguy [link]
* Silent Night preview borders by GuiTuX [link]

* Silent Night iTunes for CAD by tw7816 [link]
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Daily Deviation

Given 2009-06-01
Silent Night for iTunes 8.1 by ~DaHLiA-7 This is by far one of my fav iTunes skins out there. The matte feel looks great, the elements are crisp and the colours really contrast your album artwork. Now I just need a mac to use this beauty! ( Featured by mrrste )
how to uninstall?
Love Silent Night for iTunes. Great work! But will you please tell me how to increase the list font size? I know newer versions let you do it with TextStlyes.plt. But, I'm not finding that files on 8.2.1
Feohria Sep 21, 2011   Digital Artist
I love it
ZodiarkDarkja Dec 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like this theme very much but am scared if this'll screw up my itunes?
Whatever happened to the Silent Night 'Dark' version?
Very nice work!! Is there a way you could possibly change the search window and the 'source' drop down menu when in iTunes DJ mode? The window is grey, but the letters are black which makes it really hard to see....maybe the reverse would work better (grey letters on black background.) also, any chance you might make a version with blue highlights as opposed to red? thanks!!!
this was and still is (at least for my personal taste) the best iTunes Mod you made so far, so i downgraded from v10 which came with my clean 10.6 system back to 8.2.1

love it and won´t update for a long long time.
i wished that apple would actually use this one for all future releases.
cheers and thank you very much again for sharing with us. (btw. the DD is well deserved here !)
really brilliant

just wondering, do you have to uninstall this mod before you update itunes, be it a simple 9.x or if they go up to v10? much thanks.
Wow, pretty amazing.
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